Program Schedule

Welcome to the BayCon 2015 schedule grid. All panels end 15 minutes before the start of the next time slot. This grid will be updated as needed to reflect changes in the schedule.

For more detailed descriptions, you can check out the Official BayCon 2015 Program Book (coming online soon). However, information in the program book is subject to change. For the most up to date information, check posted announcements and the information desk at the convention. We will also be doing our best to keep the online schedule grid and panel descriptions up to date.

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Room 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom E-F Opening Ceremonies Interview with Fan Guest of Honor   Marketing Your Book With Video Trailers By the Water Cooler: Tales Writers and Editors Tell The Unlikely Origins of Wonder Woman   Meet the Guests Karaoke/Casino (cont'd)  
Ballroom A     Inspiring the Next Generation of Science Fiction Writers Transgender Issues in SF&F Do Joss Whedon's strong female characters live up to the challenge? Invertebrates are Cool     Boffers, cont'd. (cont'd) (cont'd)
Winchester     Fingerloop Braiding     Sinister (Left-handed) Crochet          
Lawrence       Plot Culture Podcast Building Religions For Your Settings Practical Animal Husbandry in Space   (concerts) (concerts) (concerts) Dawn Patrol (Friday night)
San Tomas   Women in the Military Elevating Your Streetwear To the Highest Level Elderhood Mark Twain at 180: A Celebration Celebrating A Woman of Wonder: Jane Austen at 240   (concerts) (concerts) (concerts)  
Stevens Creek   But I want to see the Stars from my Space Colony!   Can Online Misogyny Become Teachable Moments? Themed Reading: Women's Work Creating Fictional Political Systems     Horror Addicts BoF and Book Release Party   Eye of Argon
Lafayette       Why Manuscripts Arrive DOA at Agents and Publishers Home Schooling for Geeky Kids Themed Reading: Humorous SF/F/H   Friday Night Concerts and Filking (cont'd) (cont'd)  
Cypress       DIY Biohacking: The Next Maker Movement? Climate Change Scenarios Pink Hockey Sticks: Raising a gender neutral child in a highly gendered world   Private Event (7-midnight) (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd)
Camino Real     The Empirical Tradition: Direct Experience in Science The Indie Toolbox: Some tips for inexpensive or free tools that can get you from publication-ready manuscript to a professional released work Artemis Intelligent Lights Dream Re-casting          
Alameda       Handicapped Characters Identity Crisis What's So Interesting About Spokane? A Worldcon!     Themed Reading: Music and Musicians in SF/F/H    
Napa III                      
Bayshore       The Breadth of Filk Trends in Bookselling Flash, Green Arrow, and The Atom; is DC conquering TV?     Beyond the Five Senses: The Neurology of Sensation AKA 20 Human Senses in 20 Minutes Anatomy and Physiology of Pleasure  
Saratoga       My Little Pony/Bronies   Jewish Services          
Lobby                 Dive-In Movies (Fri)    


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30
Ballroom E-F   Interview with Writer Guest of Honor Interview with YA Author Guests of Honor Roller Derby- Discussion and Demo Charity Auction {room turn and Variety Show rehearsals}   Variety Show (cont'd) Burlesque (cont'd)
Ballroom A   Your Naked Body is All Over the Internet. So What? A Costume Is Not Consent! Dealing With Harassment at a Con Constructing Fictional Cultures: Sex Without Shame Writing Across the Gender Divide Death   Boffers, cont'd. (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd)
Winchester   Duct Tape Creations Travelling with Costumes and Props Making Tiaras Do I 3D print it at home, or pay a printer? Prop-making for the Home Handy-Being          
Lawrence   Closing the Gender Confidence Gap Building a Dancing LEGO robot can teach physics When Collecting Becomes an Art Form Social Media: A Bridge or a Canyon? Writing Humorous SF/F/H   (concerts) (concerts) (concerts) Dawn Patrol (Saturday night)
San Tomas   The Creative Process in Art and in Real Life Women of Wonder in the Golden Age of Comics Writing Gunplay Scenes The Biology of Mythical Creatures When Robots do Everything, what will people do?   (concerts) (concerts) (concerts)  
Stevens Creek   Pop Culture Princess (R)evolution Book to Screenplay The Persistence of Racism Research: How and Why WWJWD: What Would Joss Whedon Do?       Kink: The Good, The Bad, and The Gray  
Lafayette   First Contact and Politics What is the future of Reading for the Future? Researching Your Biotech Thriller Is Amazon Bad For Authors? How to run a convention: From Start to Fabulous!   Saturday Night Concerts and Filking (cont'd) (cont'd)  
Cypress   Making Your Own Recording Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and New Starship Foundation- What is THIS? LEGO as a Physiotherapy Tool Many Threads, One Fabric BoF: World Goth Day       Theme Dance (cont'd)
Camino Real   The History of Female Superheroes in Comic Books The Hugo tug-of-war: Diversity of opinion among Worldcon voters About-Face - Media Literacy workshop   The Kink in Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso: A Look at BDSM Imagery in Early Comics   Themed Reading: Mars      
Alameda   Jewish Services Themed Reading: Mythical Creatures Categorizing Your Books: YA versus NA How I Would End the Game of Thrones Themed Reading: Erotic SF/F/H     A Shot Rang Out    
Napa III                      
Bayshore   Book Covers That Sell Books What's the Best Publishing Option for My Book? Darn right I play like a girl: the "fake geek girl" and misogyny in nerd culture Women of the 501st! Write what you care about or play to the market?   Themed Reading: Diverse Views in SF/F/H   Rope Workshop  
Saratoga   Writers' Workshop Writers' Workshop Being the Other among the Other A Critique of Your Art Portfolio Themed Reading: Historical Fantasy          
Magnolia       Firefly Clue   Spaceteam          
Lobby     Would your fight scene work? Sketch Session: Hall Costume         Dive-In Movies (Sat)    


Room 9 :30 10 :30 11 :30 12 :30 1 :30 2 :30 3 :30 4 :30 5 :30 6 :30 7 :30 8 :30
Ballroom E-F   Interview with Artist Guest of Honor Star Wars and Disney- How will this impact our "Wars"? How To Create Your Own Novel: Winner Twins Writing Workshop We Want Musicals! Women and Diversity in Star Trek- Where is it going? Interview with Toastmaster Seanan Concert
Ballroom A   What Are the Best Hard-Science SF Films? Book Discovery: Biotech Fiction and Non-Fiction LGBT Protagonists in Science Fiction: Exiting the Ghetto Fencing Discussion Fencing Demo Boffers  
Winchester   Writing Compelling Fight Scenes Calligraphy Workshop Mini Crochet Crafts Without a Pattern Book Discovery: Tips From Librarians and Library Lovers Constructing Urban Fantasy: Going Beyond Vampires and Werewolves    
Lawrence   Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: 40 Years Later STEM Education for Inner-City Kids How did I become a LEGO fan? Origins of the Amazon Legend Three Dimensional Women in Science Fiction    
San Tomas   Women in LEGO/Robotics Teenage Rebellion in YA Stories "And the Nominees Are..." An Overview of the 2015 Hugo Nominees Themed Reading: Pop Culture Invades SF/F/H Personal Computing 40 Years Later Embracing Mindfulness and Meditation Best Hikes in the Bay Area
Stevens Creek   Are Multi-Part Movies From One Book Too Much? Combating Misogyny Charity Auction Living in a Post-Antibiotics World Art Auction The Best TV Shows That You're Not Watching  
Lafayette   Celebrating A Girl of Wonder(land): Happy 150th Birthday, Alice When Is a Book Not a Book? Alternative Storytelling Media Wonder Woman: The Movie Regency Dancing Regency Dancing    
Cypress   Indigenous Cultures in Literature and Media Marvel versus DC: How Their Movies Compare A Reunion at Katmeers- LARP (cont'd) (cont'd) (cont'd)  
Camino Real   Video Games of 2015 Plus-Size Cosplay Cosplay Characterization The Gloaming How To Avoid Gender Stereotyping    
Alameda   Christian Services More than Just Blocks: LEGO as Teaching Tools Book Discovery: Histories and Memoirs FanBoy Planet Podcast Next Year, Briefly, at 100 Kilometers! Mars: A Look At Future Missions  
Napa III                
Bayshore   Choosing Your First Cosplay Wig The Joy of "Vic Spec Fic" -- Victorian Era Speculative Fiction Mars: A Look Back On 50 Years of Exploration Geek Stuff for the Geek Girl Marketing & Branding for the Author Celebrating A Woman of Wonder: Ada Lovelace's Bicentennial  
Saratoga   Writers' Workshop Writers' Workshop Commercial Space Travel Challenges Short Stories: Before the Series      
Magnolia     Carabande   Who Would Win