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BayCon 2015 has been announced!

The Schedule and Program Book are now online.

Be part of a star ship crew. Join Artemis!

Have fun with hands-on arts & crafts in The BayCon DIY Room!

Coming this year! The BayCon Variety Show!

BayCon is committed to a safe space for our members. Read our Harassment Policy.

This year, we welcome first time Chair, Tom Saidak. 2014 will see the 32nd incarnation of BayCon as we celebrate Honor - among enemies, the knight and the shadowknight - and all the other ways we find our own ethos of Honor.

Who best to help us in our exploration of Honor than our Writer Guest of Honor but David Weber! Our Artist Guest of Honor is Ursula Vernon, Sally Woerhle is our Fan Guest of Honor, and Tom Merritt is our Toastmaster.

BayCon is is delighted to welcome The Royal Manticoran Navy. TRMN is the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association and will be joining us for a variety of panels and events.

Volunteers needed to commemorate Memorial Day @ BayCon

As BayCon is held over Memorial Day weekend, on Monday, the day of honor and remembrance, we will honor the fallen with a special ceremony and we hope you will join in the celebration, BayCon style. Think of this as a military flash mob that gathers at the queue to honor the fallen.

We are looking for CosPlayers and Costumers who, dressed in their very best military uniforms, would take part in this.

We invite Browncoats and Klingons, the Starfleet, the Elven Archers, Space Marines, etc., to be part of this showcase.

We are looking for CosPlayers who can form small squads (at least 8 in their rank and style) and march into the assembly and others who, during the assembly, can join the troops once they arrange themselves in formation at the quad.

Most importantly, we are extending the invitation to all True Military members and Veterans to be part of this celebration.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send an email to Chair14@baycon.org. Please note your character / costume so that we can start keeping track of the numbers that will form each regiment and be a part of the ceremonies. As we get closer to the event we will discuss the ceremony at more detail. The Friday or Saturday of the show we will meet up to walk the site and organize ourselves for the celebration on Monday. I'm looking forward to be working with you all on this.

Tom Saidak
Chair BayCon 2014